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What We Do

From learning about the stages of aging to assistance in evaluating the right senior living community, we’re here to guide you and your loved one along the way.

You’re making some of the most important decisions of your life – and Senior Care Consultants will guide you every step of the way. We’ll help you navigate the complex choices of senior care, offering an individualized, supportive and compassionate process to finding the best senior care option for you and your loved one.

Our service is offered at no cost to you, and we work with all levels of senior care in the Puget Sound area. We take great pride in recommending communities that not only meet the specific needs of you and your senior, but also excel in the quality of care provided.

Our process starts by evaluating the level of care needed based on the diagnosis and care requirements of your family member.  We’ll help you understand your financial position, and work with communities that match your budget. For seniors needing care, we’ll arrange a medical assessment, ensuring that we recommend options that meet the medical and individual care needs of your loved one.  Based on our evaluation, we’ll set up personalized tours of the communities that best meet your needs, accompany you during your tour to be sure all your questions are answered, and leave you with a thorough understanding of what each community has to offer.

Senior Care Consultants are here to support you and your loved one 24/7 – we look forward to hearing from you!

We'll guide

you and your loved one

every step of the way.

Who We Are

Senior Care Consultants is owned and operated by Frank and Juli Simons,
who together have more than 25 years’ experience in education, placement and senior care consulting.

Frank Simons

Frank Simons

I love people and get recharged by being with people. I like to make them laugh and love hearing their stories! I also really enjoy technology and problem solving – puzzles, troubleshooting and fixing things. I began my career serving the US Navy before entering corporate America.  Today, I use the skills I learned in the Navy and Corporate America – combined with my entrepreneurial nature, to help families care for their loved ones.

My early career filled my desire to serve our country, see the world and widen my knowledge of electronics. I joined the Navy and volunteered for the submarine service. I was proud to have served, built life-long friendships and had great adventures! I have also held both lay and pastoral positions at several churches. I have a heart for ministry, and have always been involved in training and working with people in search of answers. My entire career led me to where I am today.

My wife Juli, had been working in the senior housing industry. Her heart and passion was helping seniors and their families directly. In 2013, we started Senior Care Consultants and it has been amazing. With Juli, I’m able to combine my joy for ministry and love of teaching, with a passion to serve others through Senior Care Consultants. It’s a win-win, Juli and I get to do what we love, and we get to do it together. It is so fulfilling because we educate people and help them walk through, and navigate, one of the most difficult time in their lives. We have met some of the most amazing people, and have had the opportunity to laugh, cry and pray with them – but most of all, we get to know them!

Juli Simons

Juli Simons

I am a problem solver, and a natural matchmaker. I have been in the placement business for over twenty-five years. I worked in the recruiting industry helping local businesses find great employees. In 2008, I was ready for a change and knew I wanted to continue my career path but was seeking something more meaningful. I started working in an assisted living community and fell in love with seniors and their families. It was a natural fit. I was able to utilize the wonderful training and experience I gained in the placement industry to help families find solutions that would keep their loved ones safe without compromising their quality of life. I had a fantastic mentor who trained me in this industry. I worked for two referral agencies, but wanted to start my own so I could spend more time focused on the families I served without sales quotas. This is how Senior Care Consultants came to be!

My husband Frank would listen to my stories about the families I was helping and was ready to leave the corporate world where he was a technical trainer for many years. In 2013 we started Senior Care Consultants and never looked back. We are grateful that we get to work together and walk with families HAND IN HAND in this very daunting time in their lives. It is very heartbreaking at times, but also so fulfilling to know that we are making a difference.

Our Approach

We’ll help you navigate the complex choices of senior care.

When you’re looking into senior care, whether it’s for yourself or a loved one, you’ll have lots of different decisions to weigh. We understand that each individual has their own unique needs. We’ll take the time to learn about you and assess your situation, help to create a plan and implement solutions. We’ll help you understand your options and make the choices that are best for you.

Step 1

We will meet with your family and your loved one in person to discuss your options. We will go over medical needs, the financial picture, and best location. We will also get a sense of what type of a setting will provide the safest place where your loved one will also have the highest quality of life.

Step 2

We will coordinate a medical assessment with an approved Registered Nurse. This is a very detailed evaluation that helps everyone understand not just the medical needs of the senior, but which settings will provide the families’ peace of mind and ensure your loved one is being well taken care of.

Step 3

We will personally accompany you to several communities/homes that will be able to care for your family member. We only take you to places that we have physically been in and we check with the State to make sure that they are in compliance with the current rules and regulations.

Step 4

You select the home/community. The care plan will be established and you will know all the details necessary to make a smooth transition into your loved one’s new home.

Step 5

We consistently follow up with both the family and the home to make sure it is an ideal fit. We are available to help with any concerns or feedback you have. We know that this is one of the most important decisions you will ever make and we support our families’ during and after this transitional time.

Find the best options

for your loved one.

Care Options

There are many different options for senior care. Because every individual has their own unique needs, it’s important to do your research and find a senior care option that not only fits your loved one’s requirements for health and safety, but feels like home as well.

There are some similarities between senior care options, but there are a lot of differences too. For example, if help with daily living is not necessary but would like access to social activities and a feeling of community is important, then independent living may be the best choice. Or, if you have a loved one with cognitive needs requiring specialized care and assistance, you may want to look into a memory care option that can offer the best resources possible. It can be a difficult decision – there is a lot to consider and several options to choose from, but we’ll be here to answer your questions and help you make the choice that’s right for you.

What Are My Choices?

What Services and Amenities Are Provided?

We’ve included this printable infographic which details the services and amenities each care option provides, along with approximate cost comparisons, to help you determine the best care option for you or your loved one.

Click here to download a PDF of this checklist

Our Clients

At Senior Care Consultants, we build extraordinary relationships with our clients. It is so fulfilling to know that we are making a difference, and are humbled by the compliments we receive from clients and their families. We thank them for sharing their stories with us!

Julie’s Story

Julie George

My mother, Julie G., was a resident at an Independent/Assisted living community in Seattle for ten years—from 2006 – 2016. I cannot possibly tell you the number of times she told me how perfect it was for her. The surroundings are beautiful, the educational and recreational opportunities plentiful and the staff exceptionally caring.  She was very sad when, this February at age 93, she needed to find a residence that could provide 24 hour care, following three hospitalizations and a month long stay at a local skilled nursing facility.

Knowing that this would be the likely scenario, I asked my trusted contact, the nurse at the community, who she would recommend to help me find the best “next place” for my Mom. Without hesitation, she said, “The husband-wife team Juli and Frank Simons, owners of Senior Care Consultants.”  She said she routinely refers families to them, and has received nothing but highly positive feedback.

I contacted Juli right away, and from the first phone conversation I felt a sense of relief.  I could tell right away that Juli really “knew her stuff.” Julie has had over two decades of placement experience and has worked in the senior housing industry for over eight years. In order to best serve clients, she and her husband have worked together in their own company doing this work for many years.

Juli explained that when working with them, clients always speak to either her and/or her husband directly, and both of them come to in-person meetings.  I liked that.  During a high-stress time, I did not want to be passed around and have to re-explain things, or get to know many different professionals

Juli was empathic and understood what a difficult time this was. She spoke words of encouragement to me on a personal level, as well as on a practical level:  together, she was sure she and Frank could help me and my husband find an ideal place for my Mom.  It was clear that Juli cared, and that she wanted to get to know my both my Mom and me, so as to be able to find the best placement possible, in whatever timeframe necessary…

Read The Full Story


I wanted to take a few minutes to thank Juli and Frank for all of their help in finding the perfect home care situation for my mom. I can’t tell you how incredibly helpful it was – for many reasons – one of which being the fact that I live in California so didn’t have the time and resources to spend a lot of time to come up to Seattle to do a fully comprehensive search for the best facility for her. Second was that we were in a pretty time sensitive situation as the care facility my mom was in had decided she needed to move as they couldn’t provide care at the level she needed – so they notified my dad that he needed to get her moved quickly. When you receive news like that, it’s pretty overwhelming and you just don’t know where to start searching at all. There are so many different homes and care centers of all different levels and costs – and we needed a very specific environment for mom who has dementia but is still at a pretty mobile and chatty stage.

We were referred to Juli and Frank to help us with our search, and I could tell after my first call with Juli that they completely understood our situation, had a good handle on it and could very quickly gather the information needed to find mom a new home.  Literally the next day, Juli met with both of my parents, met with my mom’s care facility to learn more about her level of care and needs and from there, within just a couple of days, they already had narrowed down a short-list of homes that they knew would be a great fit for mom, and that had immediate openings. I was then able to quickly fly up to Seattle, have a personalized tour of these homes with Juli and Frank, and narrow down to a decision that day – and then get mom moved within a few days after that.

What was also so amazing through this whole process was how great Juli and Frank were in helping my dad navigate through this stressful change. My dad is always so worried about my mom’s care and really needed someone to understand her needs and feel confident they’d be met. Juli and Frank were so incredibly supportive and sensitive to what he was going through and were able to provide him exactly the right consult and advice to get him comfortable with this big decision. I’m happy to say that the home they found for mom has worked out beautifully, and my dad feels really good about it as well. She’s being well cared for, it’s a great atmosphere, and run by a wonderful family.  I feel so lucky to have been introduced to Juli and Frank – and will be forever grateful for everything they did for us. I’d highly recommend working with them if you should ever find yourself in need of care for your parents. Thank you again Juli and Frank!

Carrie M., California

Juli and Frank expertly and rapidly found the ideal placement for my 93 year old Mom. It is obvious that they are passionate about what they do, and they are very good at it. They meet with families, the elder who is needing to make a change in residence, and the seniors’ professional caregivers. They work as an integral part of the team to find the best solution for each of their clients’ unique circumstances. Every home they showed me (and all of them were good) was pre-screened and selected specifically for my Mom. Juli and Frank provided caring support to me and my husband, as well as my Mom, and worked under the constraints of a very fast timeline (my Mom was given short notice that Medicare would no longer pay for Skilled Nursing Care following several hospitalizations). They helped match my Mom with a place beyond my expectations, and my Mom is doing well settling in. I recommend Juli and Frank highly, and without reservation.

Mary D.

Juli and Frank are an outstanding lifeline. Prior to working with them, I navigated the journey of my mom’s aging needs on my own, feeling ill-equipped and questioning every step I took. Once I met these two amazing people, they performed their magic in patiently listening to learn about my mom, our family, our desires, asking hard questions in their compassionate way, and matching all that with their keen insight into the options available. They gave me full confidence in taking next steps, knowing the options and decisions to be made for my mom were without question right for my mom. And just as important, I knew Juli and Frank cared as much as I did about quality care for my mom and the right match for her personality and lifestyle. With Juli and Frank’s guidance, my mom is now in a fantastic place getting the best care I could ever have hoped for. And she is happy. After several years of trying to make care decisions for my mom on my own, with Juli and Frank the angst, worrying, questioning was gone. Could not have asked for a better gift in the complex world of elder care!

Cindy R.

Juli and Frank are the absolute best!! They helped me step by step with my mom. The day we met to discuss my moms options Juli made everything so much easier. It was very emotional and difficult to talk about, even though everyone already knew what needed to happen. It’s not an easy thing to discuss. She helped my mom understand what would be best for her. She was so understanding and compassionate even crying with us at times and hugging us afterwards. I really cannot express how much that meant to me!! You found my mom a wonderful home, and I am so very grateful!!! Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Amanda C.

I have worked with Senior Care Consultants for the past 4 years as a director of nursing in a senior care community and they have been nothing but professional, empathetic and people of integrity.  I usually go to them with resident’s whose placement can be challenging and have never been disappointed with the quality of care they have found.  Resident’s families have even called me after placement to thank me for recommending them.  I would trust them with my parents.  What a blessing they are to our aging community!

Cindy, RN - Community Health Director

Just a little over a year ago, my family and I met Juli and Frank Simons (our senior care consultants).They helped us place our 89 year old mother in an adult living home. We had no idea what to do, it was very emotional and frightening for us. Juli and Frank were so diligent and compassionate in finding the best place for my mom. It was a very smooth transition for our family, only wanting to do the best for our mom. They were so kind and really put our mind at ease. Recently I had to call on Juli for some advice regarding my mom and once again, Juli and Frank were there for me and my family and went the extra mile to meet with us and address our concerns. We are so thankful we have them as our senior consultants and our advocate. We would highly recommend Juli and Frank to anyone who may be looking for a home for there mom and dad, or any other loved one, they are the best!

Cheri D.

I cannot say enough about how much we enjoyed working with Senior Care Consultants. Over the last 4 years, my mom has had to make two moves as her dementia progressed. The first was a move from an independent living building to a facility that specialized in memory care. Recently my mom needed to find an Adult Family Home and Juli was great in lining up visits and helping us make the decision.
I was in denial in both cases as to what was best for my mom and I really appreciated Juli’s guidance and thoughtful approach with me as I made these difficult decisions. With the move to the memory care facility, Juli worked with us for over three months. We looked at a number of places and she did all the heavy lifting such as making calls, setting up appointments, asking the difficult questions. The recent move to the Adult Family Home was difficult and Juli and Frank were very professional as they helped us find the right home for my mom.
Juli and Frank worked with us to find a places that were both good for my mom and was responsive to our needs. They brought compassion, professionalism and most of all, caring to our efforts. They are respected by the facilities we visited which meant that we always were treated well. Together we have found two good homes for my mom and not a day goes by when I don’t thank Juli and Frank for their help.


Have you ever had a blessing dropped in your lap when you least expected it? That’s how I would describe my discovery of Senior Care Consultants and Juli and Frank Simons.

My mom had been living in an assisted living facility for almost three years when she caught a cold and rapidly deteriorated within two weeks’ time. I was faced with the urgent decision to find a higher level of care for my mom.  I was panicked – I didn’t know where to look or who to call. Three friends who don’t know each other recommended Juli and Frank.

When Juli and I met, she made me feel so comfortable and was so kind and patient.  She took my hand, looked me straight in the eye and said, “Everything is going to be okay.”  And she was right.  My mom was placed into an amazing adult family home within three days.  The experience was flawless, and Juli was there to support me and my mom the entire way, and she still does to this day.

Juli and Frank have immense compassion for others, and are dedicated to working with families to place their family members in an environment that meets their needs, where they can bloom.

Heather C.

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Ready to get started, or just have a few questions? We’re here for you! You can contact us either by filling out the form below, or by calling Frank (206) 228-1678 or Juli (425) 876-2053. We will ask about your concerns, your loved one’s current living situation, and answer any questions you may have. We’ll explain about the services we provide and what we can accomplish for you and your family. Inquiries are always welcome!

Disclosure of Services/Medical Release Authorization

To sign up as a client, please review our disclosure of services and release. This allows us to begin working to find the senior care option that’s perfect for you and your loved one. Click here to fill out the disclosure form online.

If you prefer to print and sign the disclosure, please click here to download the PDF. You may mail, fax, or email the completed form.

In addition, please fill out the authorization to release information form. This allows Senior Care Consultants to discuss the health care needs for you or your loved ones for the purpose of senior care housing referrals. Click here to fill out the authorization form online.

If you prefer to print and sign the authorization, please click here to download the PDF. You may mail, fax or e-mail the completed form.

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Calendar of Events

In keeping with our commitment to the community, we frequently have booths at neighborhood events, where we answer questions and share resources and information. Please keep an eye on our calendar section for any upcoming events that we will be attending.


Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question, most likely other people have wondered about it too. Here are a few of the topics people ask us about most. Hopefully your question is here, but if it isn’t, please contact us. We’re happy to help!

How do I know it’s time for my elderly loved one to make a move?2017-05-02T23:02:25+00:00

Generally, it is safe to say that when they are no longer safe in their current environment as evidenced by increased incidents of accidents, minor or major, then it is time to consider a move. Indicators that one needs a higher level of care are, falls, memory-related issues (forgetting, getting lost, lack of safety in kitchen, etc.), mobility limitations, increased instances of calling 911, and feedback from friends, family and neighbors.  However, with relatively healthy and mobile seniors many people overlook the emotional need to move. Isolation and depression are equally good indicators that someone needs to make a move to an environment where they can receive community with people their own age, good nutrition, exercise and activities. It is equally important to provide an environment where they can contribute as well as benefit from the community.

How do I get my Mom or Dad to make a move?2017-05-02T23:01:40+00:00

Change is difficult for anyone, but especially seniors. Many seniors wait until a crisis dictates their choices, however that can be devastating as that limits your choices, controls the timing and can be much more expensive. Having an open dialogue about the advantages of making a move (safety, community, activity, even a little luxury) on their terms is certainly the best way to go about it. Don’t be afraid of the conversation and remember that needing to make a move is not punitive or “settling for something less,” but rather an improvement in their quality of life and an opportunity to make positive changes for their future. Another important thing to remember is to schedule specific times when you and they are going begin making changes or begin the process of investigating what they need to do. Scheduling a discussion with an expert, like Frank and Juli is a good first step.

What is the difference between Alzheimer’s and dementia?2017-05-02T23:00:49+00:00

Dementia is a disease of the brain affecting one’s cognitive ability. There are many forms of dementia (vascular, Lewy Body, etc.) and Alzheimer’s is just one of them that is more commonly known.

Do nursing homes and convalescent hospitals still exist? Would my loved one be a good candidate for one?2017-05-02T22:59:05+00:00

Yes, they do still exist and are now more commonly referred to as, Skilled Nursing Facilities (SNFs.)  This is where most elderly hospital patients are discharged after a hospital stay for an event or procedure that requires some therapy (physical, occupational, and/or speech) to return to a baseline condition.  Medicare generally covers this rehabilitation for a limited time as long as the patient is making progress. While patients can stay in a SNF for long term after Medicare coverage, it is extremely expensive (usually in the $300-$500/day range), is very institutional, rarely private, and has limited care staffing.  The only type of patients that would require a long term SNF stay are ones requiring persistent IV treatment (non-Hospice) or life sustaining devices such as a respirator.

How do I get my elderly parent to give up driving?2017-05-02T22:58:04+00:00

There are several ways to approach this and as such it really depends on how receptive they are to having this discussion and how open minded they are to giving up this important symbol of their independence.  If you have a good mutually respectful relationship with your parent, honestly sharing your concerns is always the best place to start. If they are very closed to the idea, many people respond well to seeing the danger in what they will lose if they have an accident (independence, finances, mobility etc.) For a parent that wants to leave an inheritance, pointing out that they could lose their life savings in a wrongful accident suit may be a good motivator.  For an unsafe senior that refuses to accept or is unaware of their lack of ability, taking a note from their Dr. (indicating their potential for lack of driving safety) to the Dept. of Licensing, which will cause them to send a notice for a driving test, may be the only way to get your parent to surrender their license.

Does Medicare cover any of the costs for senior housing and care?2017-05-02T22:56:30+00:00

Medicare is for medical needs only and does not cover any housing costs.

What is the difference between Medicare and Medicaid?2018-01-02T17:52:19+00:00

In simple terms, Medicare is medical insurance provided by the government for the elderly or disabled to cover or help cover the cost of doctor’s visits, medical procedures and stays (both hospital and rehabilitation), therapy and prescription medication.  Medicare eligibility is based on age and disability.  Medicaid is state funded assistance for housing for those needing care. Medicaid eligibility is based upon low income, little to no assets and need for care.


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